Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spanish fig & almond balls

I found this recipe on the internets on a cool site called BBC Good Food and you can find the recipe's post here.

Ingredients: (all the nuts/fruits i bought had gram weights on the bags, so i kindof faked the quantities)

* 100g whole almonds , toasted
* 500g pack dried whole figs , hard stalk and centre of base removed
* 85g dried apricots , chopped into small pieces
* 50g dried cranberries
* 1 tbsp brandy
* 1 tbsp clear honey
* 1 tsp ground cloves
* 100g sesame seeds , toasted


1. Whizz the almonds in a food processor until most are finely chopped, then tip into a large bowl. Roughly chop the figs, then whizz to a smooth sticky paste. Scrape onto the almonds then, using your hands, mix together well with the dried fruit, brandy, honey and cloves.
2. Divide the mixture into 6 and roll into balls. Tip the sesame seeds onto a tray, then roll the balls in them until covered. Cover the tray loosely with a clean tea towel, then leave the fig balls to dry for a week before packaging. Will keep in a cool place for 2 months.

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