Thursday, July 15, 2010

july in pictures

July is flying by at record speed!
We've been so busy traveling, celebrating, working on our tans...

For a week, we beached in Cadiz in southern spain. Bea got married to Agu, and after the celebration we lounged on the beach all week. Pretty amazing beaches, a super chill vacation including: tons and tons of local seafood, amazing cava and beers in tiny glasses, and a dose of spanish food to last til our next visit.

next on board was coming back and celebrating Mauricio's birthday! I won't disclose his age, since he doesn't look a day over 24.
we had a celebratory dinner at Jose's, a spanish-themed dinner at my parents' house, and a super stealthy surprise picnic with some of his friends to round things out.
i think he had fun celebrating getting a year older :)