Friday, October 16, 2009


1. the couch reupholstery project is coming along nicely. over the last two weeks in my free time, i managed to carefully remove all the fabric and staples and most of the batting. mauricio helped me sand the entire wooden frame last weekend- we spent about 3 hours on saturday, and i spent another couple on monday. it's done, it's clean and ready to stain. i just have to pick up the supplies, and maybe find time to do it this weekend?

2. last night we went to Al Green at the new House of Blues. I hadn't been to the HOB yet, so i was super psyched to see the inside. but surprise! it's just like the Avalon inside. it has two balconies. standing room only. my college friend Jesse Dee opened for Al, which i can only imagine was a dream come true. he and his band were amazing- definitely a great, appropriate opener for Al Green.
Al and his band were... amazing. he has such a stage presence. such great dance moves- if anyone else was on a stage dancing like he was, they'd look like a tool. but he has GOT it going on. his back-up singers, the dancers, the band... that was pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. he threw roses at the audience the entire time.

3. sometimes we take our bikes on field trips! this was my bike's first picnic. as usual, using our favorite bento boxes. i think this was some sort of salad with shrimp in it. now, with fall in full speed, weeknight picnics and bikerides are becoming a distant memory. excuse me while i go wipe my tears...